20th Anniversary Day 2014

Goondir Health Services celebrates 20 years of primary health care

Goondir Health Services clients, stakeholders, staff and Board members came together on Friday 29 2014 August to celebrate 20 years of primary health care services across the Darling Downs and South West Queensland regions.

Hundreds attended the community fun day in Dalby. Goondir Health Services Chair Gary White and CEO Floyd Leedie welcomed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda and Western Downs Regional Council Mayor Ray Brown to address the Dalby event, reflecting on the importance of health services in the broader region.

"Our organisation delivers services from centres at St George, Dalby and Oakey, covering an area of 180,000km2. 74% of the Aboriginal population access the wide range of services available. The non-Aboriginal community also readily access our services," Mr Leedie said.

"We wanted this day to be a celebration and a reflection of where we have come from, and a glimpse into our future. We are fortunate to have many of our partners join us to showcase their service and the role they have in improving health outcomes for our community," Mr Leedie said.

Mick Gooda also spoke at the evening stakeholder function in Oakey attended by 150. He highlighted the importance of social justice on the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. "I was raised in Queensland, and while my work has me based in Sydney, I welcome the opportunity to come back to Queensland and highlight the journey ahead," Mr Gooda said.

Rubgy league legend and health advocate Steven Renouf was MC and recognised the leading work Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services are making in the community. He also presented awards for outstanding achievement.

Partner of the Year - Vital Health
New Partner of the Year - Heart of Australia
Outstanding Contribution to Primary Health Care - Dr Timothy Smith
Primary Health Care Leadership Award - Mr Gary White

"During the 20 years of service, we've seen a lot of change within the primary health care sector. Goondir's ability to adapt to these changes and be led by its community, engaged with community, employing skilled staff, and establishing and maintaining partnerships has been a reason why it's still here today, and expanding its range of services. We've had all 3 Mayors from across our region, as well as CEOs and staff from the health, social services and the resources sector attend our 20 year events. We look forward to continuing to work with each of these sectors to improve health in the region, " Mr White said.

To see pictures of the day and evening events Click Here.