Goondir Health Services has partnered with The University of Queensland School of Dentistry to provide a five-chair dental clinic with in-house digital x-ray equipment.  The dental facility functions as a satellite clinic of The University of Queensland Oral Health Centre and provides residents of Dalby and the greater Western Downs region with a much needed option for their dental care. 

Attending an appointment at the Dalby Dental Clinic is similar to attending a private practitioner dentist, except the oral healthcare is provided by fifth year students under the supervision of a registered, experience dental practitioner.  The clinic is a teaching environment and our professionals in-training may take a little longer than an experience professional.  We are focused on providing the highest standard of care to our patients.

Appointment availability and treatment is assessed on the basis of student learning requirements.  Regretfully, not everyone who requests an appointment can be treated in the student clinics.  Some patients are not suitable for student learning due to issues such as case complexity, poor compliance, patient preference, and behaviour.  When an appointment cannot be offered with the UQ Dalby Dental Clinic, you should contact a community or private dental clinic for treatment.

Emergency appointments are provided where possible and are assessed on the same criteria.  If you require urgent dental treatment out of operating hours, please contact a practice which offers a full suite of emergency services.

A range of common dental service are available and members of the public interested in becoming a patient of the clinic should contact the clinic reception.

Dental Clinic Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm daily. After-hours appointments are not available.

Contact: 07 4669 7378

Goondir acknowledges all support provided by the Department of Health, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. The University of Queensland acknowledges The Commonwealth Department of Health and the funding it has provided to support this initiative via the Dental Training - Expanding Rural Placements (DTERP) program.