GP Registrars Training Post
Goondir commenced its GP Registrar training program as a joint initiative with General Practice Training Queensland (GPTQ) over 13 years ago. 

This program offers GP Registrars the opportunity to undertake their training specialising in Aboriginal health within an Aboriginal Community Controlled health service facility.  Placement periods vary and are designed to immerse GP Registrars into Goondir’s comprehensive and culturally responsive model of primary health care.  
Training is offered in a supportive learning environment where the GP Registrar works under the supervision of our General Practitioners (GPs) and alongside our Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) to provide holistic, culturally appropriate health care with integrated preventive programs.  The Goondir experience also allows involvement in outreach services to outlying rural and remote townships serviced by Goondir.

Supporting University Register Nurse Placement Programs
Student RNs placement terms range from 4 – 10 weeks providing them with a supportive learning environment with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience working within an Aboriginal Community Controlled health service in a rural setting. 

RN’s are also immersed in training under Goondir’s comprehensive and culturally responsive model of primary health care.  The students work closely under supervision of Goondir’s RNs and alongside our GPs and Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs).  Working alongside our AHWs allows the students to understand the importance of AHWs within a community setting. 

Their experience at Goondir also allows involvement in provision of outreach services with the aim of enhancing their skills in the provision of culturally appropriate health care and integrated preventative programs.


Working in Goondir is not all about gaining Aboriginal Health Experience but also exposure to diverse health issues concerning maternal and child health care, mental health, men and women’s health and chronic disease management. Goondir is one of those few posts where you have ample consultation time to spend with patients.  This post would be a good start for those going into Basic term or will benefit Advanced Trainees honing their skills in preparation for the fellowship clinical exam. Dr Romy Aguinaldo – Basic, Advanced & Mentor Terms, July 05 – July 07

Working at Goondir had given me more than I had expected.Dr Tim Smith was an excellent and enthusiastic teacher and I found the staff of Goondir Health Service to be very friendly and helpful.I was quite surprised by the variety of pathology presenting to the Service and I found that most of the patients were pleasant and were happy to work with you through their illnesses. Dr David Lai, GP Registrar 2009 


I greatly enjoyed my time at Goondir Health Services.  I was able to work along side a great team of health care workers, receptionists, nurses, office workers (such as transport officers, and IT support, etc) as well as Dr Timothy Smith.  Both he and the nurses were extremely helpful as well as patient in their dealings with clients as well as other staff.  It was a great joy to spend time with the whole team, as well as to learn different skills that all of the staff are able to provide and teach.  I would encourage anyone dong a rural placement or prac to come to Goondir for a time and experience the great hospitality and clinical experiences!’ Tiffany Woodside, 3rd Year Registered Nursing Student at USQ, August 2009


Working in Goondir has brought a wealth of experience in Aboriginal Health, which is the top priority for our current health care system. The supportive colleagues at Goondir have made working here an absolute pleasure. Special thanks to my supervisor Dr Tim Smith, who is an outstanding clinician and teacher. I was privileged to be part of the transition to the new building in August 2012 and the introduction of the GOOSE model of care which emphasize on the holistic approach to Aboriginal Health. As Goondir continue to improve the health of the indigenous community in this region, I hope to one day see this model of care replicated in Aboriginal Medical Services across the country. Goondir is definitely a great practice for registrars to spend time in and I will be recommending it to others. Dr Kah Ho, CSQTC Registrar, January 2012 to July 2013


Being a 3rd year medical student at Goondir was a great experience. The Doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are all great teachers. Theres also very good exposure to a range of health issues including chronic disease management, mental health as well as men's and womens's health. It was a joy getting to know all the staff and I'd strongly recommend considering Goondir to any future medical student. Michael Roizman, Medical Student, 6th September 2013


Goondir acknowledges all support provided by the Department of Health, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.