Closing the Gap Day 2016 - St George

Goondir Health and Community & Allied Health Services (South West Hospital & Health Services) came together to celebrate Closing the Gap initiatives – working towards creating services that work in partnership to address the Indigenous Community Health needs.

Gavin Waters (Police Liaison Officer) gave Welcome to Country, which was followed by Sharyn (Goondir Health Manager) & Dr Sam Cawaon, who gave an introductory overview of the Health Services provided by Goondir Health.

Sharyn also acknowledged the presence of Director Josh Freeman, in attending todays Closing the Gap celebrations as a positive reflection of the working relationship between Goondir Health and SWHHS. Sharyn also thanked the St George Community & Allied Health Staff from St George Hospital for attending the Closing the Gap celebrations. Sharyn advised those attending the celebrations, that they were able to access written information or discuss any health issues with the staff from Community & Allied Health Services.

Dr Sam Cawaon gave an overview of the Primary Health Care and Chronic Health Care services provided by Goondir Health to the local community.

Goondir Staff were welcoming of all Community & Allied Health staff and provided morning tea and lunch to those who attended.

All staff that attended ensured that they engaged with the local community and other Non-Government Organisations that were present such as Lifeline and Vital Health, IndigiCare Connect and Care Balonne, developing stronger professional networks.

This event provided an opportunity for both Goondir Health Staff and Community & Allied Health Staff to rekindle existing and creating new professional relationships.

Author: Heather Scriven (Snr Social Worker – Community & Allied Health Services SWHHS) 18/03/2016.