In April 2018 Goondir commenced the implementation of the Big Buddy Project in St George. This project is  proudly funded by the Western Queensland Primary Health Network until December 2018.

The Big Buddy Program is open to any St George Indigenous Youth aged 12-17 years.  The Key Outcome focus of the Big Buddy Program are as follows:
1.  Promoting Life Skills
    a. Events Management
    b. Exposure to small business
    c. Improving self-worth
    d. Catering and budgeting skills
2. Mentorship
    a. Pairing youth with role models
    b. Utilising High Profile People
3. Education
    a. Homework support
    b. Accredited training
    c. Support with awareness of and assistwith traineeship / scholarship applications
    d. Improving health literacy
4. Improving Social Interaction
    a. After school activities
    b. Sporting / cultural events
    c. Discos
    d. Other events
For further information call the Goondir Health Services St George Clinic on 07 4625 5040.