St George

St George has been called the 'Inland Fishing Capital' of Queensland. The town of St George is located 550 km from Brisbane via Goondiwindi, or 509 km via Dalby. Situated on the banks of the Balonne River, with a population of 3,800 residents, St George has approximately 600 to 800 members of their community that are Aboriginal. 

General Practice - Administration

The same administrative support provided by the Dalby admin team is provided to the St George General Practice service (refer Dalby General Practice for further information)

General Practice - Clinical

The St George General Practice services are delivered by a dedicated team coordinated by a Clinic Manager and comprises of a General Practitioner (GP), Practice Registered Nurse, Chronic Disease Registered Nurse, Aboriginal Health Workers (2) and Medical Receptionists (2).

The Dalby Clinic is Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) Accredited and currently undergoing preparation for International Standards Organisation (ISO) Accreditation.

General Practice - Chronic Disease

The Clinics management of chronic disease care is overseen by the Clinic Manager, Coordinated by the Chronic Disease Nurse and supported by the Medicare Officer (Dalby). Together the St George team coordinates Client care and ensuring they access the relevant GP and Allied Health Specialist Clinics (see our Specialist Clinics section for more information).

General Practice - Programs

Being a much smaller Clinic than the Dalby Clinic, the St George Clinical Team coordinates many program activities and health promotion events. The St George team participates in many community events and works closely with schools and other community organisations to continually promote health and wellbeing initiatives. The Dalby Programs Coordinator and dedicated Program Staff also provide visiting services and assistance.

General Practice - Medicare

The St George Clinic Team is also supported by a Medicare Officer (MO) from Dalby. Whilst St George undertake all their billing, the MO role ensures that the organisation maximises its Medicare claims and that all eligible clients are registered for and receiving the benefits aligned to the Closing The Gap (CTG) initiative.

General Practice - Client Transport

The access to services is critical to ensuring Goondir's clients receive the appropriate care offered by the Goondir Clinic or Specialist Clinics. The organisations transport service is Queensland Transport Accredited with all Drivers holding Authorised Driver Permits.

After Hours

After Hours: Call Dalby Hospital/St George Hospital on 07 4669 0555/07 4620 2222. In case of Emergencies call 000.