Legends of League Sponsorship Donation Package

In recent times the difficulties facing the community of Oakey Queensland have become quite well known. 

Despite these challenges there is still a strong and resilient community that loves many things about living in the Oakey district.  Goondir Health Services (Goondir) and Pacific Island Communities Darling Downs (PICDD) have been an intricate part of the Oakey community for a long time.  Right now we see a strong community that needs a lift, an event that brings back a sense of fun, community and well-being for all residents.  We are excited that Legends of League will be coming to Oakey on 7th October 2017 to hold an exhibition game of rugby league between the Australians Legends of League and the Oakey Legends of League.  Goondir is a proud sponsor of the Legends of League to be held in Oakey and very much looking forward to this event.

Our dream is to build on this very exciting event through the hosting of two community based pre-match games.  These will be a Women’s and Men’s game between Goondir Saints and the local Pacific Islander community teams.  We strongly believe that these pre match games will engage a broader section of the community and bring about a sense of fun, self-belief and connection for Oakey residents. Part of the core values of Goondir are inclusion and these pre-match games are designed to appeal to and engage the whole community not just one or two cultures within it.  To enable these pre-match games to occur we require further sponsorship.

Members of the community have already been very positive towards this proposal and four teams from the pre match games have already met and started training.

We would really value your contribution to these pre-match games as a sign of your commitment and care for the broader Oakey community.  Please take the time to read our proposal below and we would really value the opportunity to answer any questions you may have around how you could help make a difference to challenges currently facing the Oakey community.

Goondir on behalf of the partnership has been tasked with securing the required financial resources to partake in this remarkable community events involving activities prior to and Game Day.


Floyd Leedie                                          Reverend Eddie Dean


Chief Executive Office                            Community Leader

 Goondir                                                PICDD